About IMC

In order to collect information necessary for client companies, we design survey objectives, tailored to each client and prepare reports based on "valuable information" obtained through face-to-face or telephone interviews with manufacturers, users, distributors (agents), etc., in the relevant business/industry.

With a solid track record in the industrial field, we have recently received requests for studies in Automotive, Medical Care, Information Services, and Overseas Businesses.

We, as a "Specialist group in interviewing" have conducted studies in various fields including consumer goods, real estate, and other various fields on requests by clients.

Business area

Since 1967, IMC has been contributing to the activation of clients by providing high quality information. And we are working on expanding our scope of business to a wider range, from our present coverage of industry, consumer goods, service, and real estate sectors.

In recent years, the projects from private organizations and central/local governments are seeing a jump in demand, and becoming into more multifaceted and more complex. IMC, as a "specialist group in interviewing" in variety fields, has set our operation policy as "enable sustainable growth, develop new business domain".

However, our principle is to keep "hands-on approach" all the time which also means "asking market" , and to supply for high- quality marketing activities, raw data through sheer legwork in speedy.

Furthermore, in recent years, all aspects of business operation calling for compliance. IMC attaches importance to social responsibilities of company legal work, labor management, data security, and sets clear rules around the issues upon. All the IMC staff will abide by all the rules above.

With high-quality information deliverable, IMC will hold on to make endless efforts on contributing to the activation of clients and their enterprise value maximization.




Market Research and Consulting
Publication of Research reports and Materials


August 1967



Fiscal Year

March 31st (annual)


Kimio Nishida

Number of Employees


Number of Clients

Approximately 2,000 Business Entities