Industrial Field Category

Industrial goods, Consumer goods and Services

Industrial Material

Our longtime focus on the internationally competitive "high-performance materials," in which sophisticated technologies are employed by utilizing the inherent strengths of Japan, has developed a wealth of information and an extensive network in this sector.

IT, Audio-visual Home, and other Electronics

We provide support to players in these fast-changing, fast-evolving industries to help them determine business development for the future.

Energy and Environment

We cover a broad range of areas including materials/components in upstream, parts/modules in midstream, products/systems in downstream, and further applications.

Equipment and Machinery

Our efforts to collect information is not limited to Japan; we also collect information on other countries (i.e., market size, manufacturer trends, distribution channel structure, product price, after-sales service, and local users' needs).


Thanks to many years of experience in studies in the automotive sector, we have resources related to all materials and technologies that form the automotive supply chain.

Medical and Life Sciences

We have extensive experience in conducting interviews with manufactures of medical devices, drugs, diagnostic agents, and testing equipment, as well as health professionals including doctors, engineers, nurses, and pharmacists.

Consumer Goods, Services, Distribution, and IT Service

Not only can we gather opinions of users and consumers through questionnaires or group interviews, but we also interview retailers and wholesalers to understand their views.

Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

Apart from gathering partial information we research on preset situation of entire value chain from research and development, production and processing-distribution- to consumption will be conducted.

Aging Society and Welfare

Our professional networks in the areas of declining birthrate and welfare, enable us to respond to a various projects from administrative programs to private-sector marketing in elderly housing.


Also in overseas markets, we aim to collect valuable information through legwork, and offer high-quality marketing efforts by utilizing a well-developed company structure and external network.

Government Offices

Commissioned researches from small and medium-sized business support organizations central government, independent administrative agency, local government, in each region/nation assisting small and medium enterprises.