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The mission of Industrial Marketing Consultants (IMC) is to provide clients with "high-quality, valuable information" as a specialized market research company.

Therefore, we need workers with good footwork who aggressively collect firsthand information and passionately provide high-quality information. Based on our basic personnel policy, we request employees to comply with relevant laws and regulations, and aim to ensure treatment and compensations according to performance over a long period of time.

In recent years in particular, private company needs, for overseas research have been rapidly increasing, and we have had projects newly commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which are economic cooperations under the official development assistance program, and events to celebrate the friendship between Japan and neighboring countries, respectively. Furthermore, our network in Asia and job performance now receive increasing recognition. These factors have expanded the scope of our business.

We are recruiting employees for marketing research who are proficient in languages and who can contribute to high-quality researches, conducted by utilizing our selected overseas networks and by expertise of our experienced researchers.

We have hired an increasing number of employees from overseas universities, and aim to improve our ability to collect information directly and respond to clients globally.

Overseas Universities from which employees were hired are, University of Sydney, University of Bristol, University of Illinois, Northeastern State University, and Dalian University of Foreign Languages in China

There are many foreign students or foreign employees in japan who aspires to become "a bridge between their home country and Japan"
There are many opportunities to become that through "introducing Japanese technology" and " bridging Japanese companies with native companies"

We look forward for applications from those who are keen on joining and developing the information industry while pursuing one's own goals in the long term.

Growing at a global level, IMC have hired an increasing number of people with a variety of experiences and backgrounds. Let's pave the way for further growth with IMC where individuality is respected and your strengths are fully utilized!

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