The following list includes projects that were undertaken after 2010

1. Government office

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

  • Japan's revitalization by attracting middle-class consumers in emerging countries (Nurturing a group of Indonesians interested in Japan)
    Small manufacturing Enterprises Network Committee Symposium project
  • Price survey related to purchasing power parity calculations for international comparison program (2011 round)

Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry METI

  • Promotion of new regional growth industries (advanced components innovation program)

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

  • Research on policies for reinforcing disaster-prevention measures through mutual assistance between condominium owners and the regional communities
  • Research on the realities of private housing loans

Forestry Agency

  • Research on forest management methods for pursuing both securing a certain amount of absorption by forests and the cyclical use of forest resources

Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry

  • Research on nanomaterial safety measures
  • Dental technique fees research

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan

  • Follow-up of a commissioned project study
  • Research on operation in the wholesale market

Cabinet Office

  • Online questionnaire survey on the nature of accounting at non-profit organizations
  • Online survey on expenses for raising children (questionnaire)
  • Survey on usage of certified NPO system and reality of non-profit organization

Economic and Social Research Institute, Cabinet Office

  • Online survey on the impacts of Great East Japan Earthquake on careers and wages of young people

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

  • Project commissioned by MOFA (Research on the acceptability of disaster equipment through ODA in India and Indonesia)
  • Project commissioned by MOFA (Research on the acceptability of solar hybrid system through ODA in India and the Philippines)

2. Independent Administrative Institution

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

  • Interview survey on successful cases of the Trade Tie-up Promotion Program (TTPP)
  • Research on SNS utilization to enable smaller enterprises to enter the ASEAN market
  • Research related to preparation of the Guidebook for Export to Japan (Non-food articles)

Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation

  • Preparation of a list of project formulation examples that utilized the fund for assisting regional SMEs (Support for start-ups)

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

  • Research on Eco-innovations

Agriculture & Livestock Industries Corporation

  • Research on the management trends of large-scale beef farms
  • Research on the realities of a frozen vegetables demand structure
  • Evaluation study of three information magazines
  • Consumer behavior survey on milk and dairy products
  • Nationwide survey on vegetable production and shipping status
  • Research on the production cost of new born dairy calves
  • Research on the management trends of large-scale beef cattle breeding
  • Research on the actual demand for sweeteners and starch

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

  • Energy venture support project under the New Energy Venture Business Technology Innovation Program

3. Other Corporation association/foundation, society/industrial organization, local government and etc.

  • Japan Post (Japan Postal Bank)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Promotion Agency
  • Aomori Support Center for Industrial Promotion
  • Iwate Industry Promotion Center
  • The Akita Center to Implement Vigorous Enterprises
  • Yamagata Public Interest Foundation for the Development of Industry
  • Saitama Industrial Development Corporation
  • Chiba Prefecture
  • Chiba Foundation for the Promotion of Industry
  • Shizuoka Business Support Network
  • Gifu Research & Development Foundation
  • Mie Industry and Enterprise Support Center
  • Kyoto Industrial Support Organization 21
  • Wakayama Industry Promotion Foundation
  • Okayama Prefecture Industrial Promotion Foundation
  • Organization for Tottori Industrial Promotion
  • Fukuoka Industry, Science & Technology Foundation
  • Hisayama-machi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka prefecture
  • Engineering Advancement Association of Japan
  • Flat Glass Manufacturers Association of Japan
  • Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
  • Japan Association for Chemical Innovation
  • Japan Housing Finance Agency
  • Institute for Posts and Telecommunications Policy
  • Institute for Information and Communications Policy
  • Organization for Recycling of Organic Resources
  • Leisure Development Center
  • Next Generation Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan

4. Private company

Producer goods, Consumer goods, Services

Projects commissioned by private companies

Residential and Real Estate

Projects commissioned by private companies