Residential Real Estate Field Category

Residential and Real Estate

Readily-built Housing

We conduct market research on the readily-built housing such as condominiums in Tokyo, Osaka as well as covering all of Japan.

Rental Housing

We conduct market research on rental housing (e.g., flats, serviced apartments) in Tokyo and Osaka.

Elderly Housing and Care Facilities

We conduct studies and analyses of elderly housing development, user needs, and other aspects of this sector from both buyer and seller perspectives.


We conduct research based on office supply, vacancy rates, rental fee trends, supply schedule trends, tangible and intangible spec comparisons, case studies, location requirement verifications, and etc.

Commercial Facilities and Hotels

In addition to trade area studies, we conduct variety of other studies from development to operations using rival facility spec comparisons, retail store observations, and mystery shoppers.

Real Estate Management

We conduct studies, useful for management systems and new product developments by collecting opinions of new condo owners through group interviews and questionnaires.

Housing Equipment

We conduct CS research and other studies to support the development of the overall housing equipment sector.

Overseas Residential and Real Estate

We conduct various studies on residential and real estate in major and cities in China and South Asian countries.