Solution Methodologies

Market profile research

  • Market trends (e.g., market size, growth rate)
  • Market shares by player
  • Distribution routes
  • Price trends, etc.

Competitor analysis

  • Business structures (of specific products) and sales performances of (specific company)
  • Distribution channels, prices, and cost structures
  • Details of sales promotion activities
  • Primary markets and subcontractors

Agent research

  • List of agents
  • Products handled at agents
  • Margins
  • Agents' evaluation of manufacturers
  • Distribution routes, major customers

User survey

* Obtaining more specific needs or conducting interviews like a rounder are possible by disclosing the name of the research sponsor

  • User discovery
  • Purchasing activities (e.g., suppliers used, quantity consumed, prices)
  • Evaluation of products used and suppliers
  • Detailed needs of products/systems, prospect for uses
  • Purchasing process (Names of departments responsible for technology assessment and purchasing)

Feasibility evaluation

  • Based on the above studies, we analyze the feasibility analysis in 5Forces