Solution Purpose

New entry

  • Launch entirely new business applying in-house technologies
  • Determine entry or not, search methods of approaching market after deciding start-up

Product development/specifications promotion

  • Develop specific products for marketing
  • Widely explore technical information and needs required for product development Acquire information serving as indices for product specifications and prices

Increase share

  • Increase market shares of existing products
  • Understand your share and those of competitors, and objectively identify strengths and weaknesses in the market through company assessment

Increase cost competitiveness

  • Review in-house manufacturing costs and shipment prices
  • Understand manufacturing costs, shipment prices, and distribution prices of competitors ("cost competitiveness = price competitiveness" analysis)

Expand applications using existing products and technologies

  • Expand applications of existing products and technologies
  • Objectively identify sales trends and user needs of competitors

Business promotion, growth, and reappraisal

  • Business expansion, withdrawal
  • Understand potentials of profitability and growth from information on market trends, competitive intelligence, and user needs

Feasibility assessment

  • Evaluate the feasibility of investments usually in new entries from objective perspectives